How to crack TNPSC Group 1 exam

The Tamil Nadu Public Service known for conducting various number of competitive exams like Group 1, Group 2, Group 4 and VAO exam (Village Administrative Officer).

These exams are generally conducted for the candidates to recruit for different civil service posts for Tamil Nadu Government. Undoubtedly,Guest Posting Preparing for TNPSC Group 1 exam is not an easy task, the process is lengthy, but you can find it easy if you love your preparation. You don’t want to sacrifice your daily routine to prepare for this exam, only thing you need to do your hobbies side by side as it helps you to make your preparation more fun.

Jobs Covered in TNPSC Exam

District Officer
District Employment Officer (DEO)
Assistant Commissioner (AC)
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
Deputy Collector (DC)

Structure of TNPSC Group 1 exam

TNPSC Group 1 advancement status should begin before the preparation for the exam, first you should know the design pattern and structure of the exams. There are three levels in TNPSC Group 1 exam.

ü Preliminary (Objective type)

ü Descriptive format

ü Direct Interview

Tips to crack TNPSC Group 1 exam

1. Time Regulation

Time management is the important aspect in cracking any exams. You should always want to be conscious while taking the exam. Know the time limit before going to the Group 1 exam. Not only for the exam, should design the time table for your exam based on the syllabus to cover all subjects.

2. Know the Syllabus

The syllabus for every exams should be read wisely, all the topics must be covered seriously one by one and it should be taken up in great detail. You should go through all the subjects, because questions may be taken from every edge of the syllabus.

3. Coaching Centre

The candidate who are going to take TNPSC Group exams can join the coaching institute. It is not necessary to join any institute to pass all the Group exams, it’s just a wise advice to all the candidates to join respective institute. So that you may know the exact scenario of TNPSC Group exams.

4. Go for the last year question papers

At all cost you need to go for the last year TNPSC Group 1 question papers and solve the problems given in the question paper after completing your preparation.

5. Current Affairs

Every candidate must regularly follow the habit of reading newspapers, magazines, articles about the latest national services or any other current updates about environmental activities. More than 15 question will be taken from the national and state newspapers like The Hindu, CSR magazines etc. If you want to answer the questions in your competitive exams, always go through the newspapers. It also improves your communication skills and increase knowledge ability.

6. Health attentiveness

Consume good and nutritious foods. Always consume good and healthy foods while preparing for the TNPSC Group 1 exam. Taking nutritious foods before your exam helps you to keep your body active. Always prefer fresh fruits that fuels your brain and take raw vegetables to your body hydrated. A minimum of 6 hours of sleep per day is important for a candidate who takes Group 1 exam. Always keep your body warmth and active. You can do exercise and involve in physical activities like cycling, skipping, swimming, running etc. to keep your muscle and fitness good. If you do yoga for just 30 minutes per day it will refresh your mind and improves memory ability. Ding all these activities for a day will help you to concentrate for Your TNPSC Group 1 exam.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Habits

Once you choose your path with TNPSC exams, you should strictly avoid the unnecessary habits like smoking, drinking, taking pills, injecting drugs and all kind of drugs. It will surely spoil your life, health and also growth.

8. Analysis

Analysis like question analysis is essential for to crack your Group 1 exam. While taking your Group1 exam, first of all don’t go for answering just examine your question paper so that you can make your answers compatible with given questions.

9. Don’t loss Confident

Stay focused. Always be active in any situation and be confident. Keeping self-confident is the at most ability before and after your exam, so that you can be Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Employment Officer, Deputy Collector…

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